Do's And Don'ts Of Signing Up a Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement

Law is a set of rules and regulations which all the members of society need to follow. To follow each set of rules and regulations various types of law should be followed. There are special laws and various agreements that are framed for the married couple.
Certain agreements for couples include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The postnuptial agreement can also be described as the post-marital agreement which is said to be a legal document for the couples who are already married or are in a civil union. Further, the prenuptial agreement can be described as a premarital agreement. There are certain dos and don’ts which need to be considered while signing the prenuptial and postnuptial agreement. Let’s have a look at the do’s and don’ts that need to be followed by all the divorce lawyers in Maryland.
  • If one party doesn’t like the provision that is included in the prenuptial agreement than it is the choice of the person to not get married. Further, with the postnuptial agreement, the couples are tied in the legal knot due to which the spouses owe a trust to each other.
  • The couple who has not gotten married yet and is considering whether to enter the prenuptial agreement or not and instead of that to enter into the postnuptial agreement should give serious considerations.
  • Like the prenuptial agreement. In the postnuptial agreement, one should decide whether the asset of the couple should be divided in any event of the divorce or any type of legal separation. During the legal separation of the couple, the amount given to the spouse needs to pay the same amount to the partner if the marriage ends.
  • Postnuptial and prenuptial agreements must meet the requirements which are enlisted as follows
Written: The postnuptial agreements must be available in the writing.
Voluntary: Both partners in the couple must have signed the agreement voluntarily and with full intentions. If in any case, the spouse in a couple has threatened the other person than it may result in making the agreement null or void.
Disclosure: Having a full and fair disclosure is a must for having a valid postnuptial agreement. When both the partners agree they must make full disclosure to others about his or her assets, liabilities, and income.
  • Both the agreements should have valid execution which meets the requirements of both parties.
The above dos and don’ts should be considered by the parties and the Rockville divorce attorney before signing any agreement. Do consider these tips.


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